Bridal Portraits

We got sooo0 lucky for Sabrina’s bridal portraits! Saturday was the only day of good weather this week, which made for some awesome shots! We went to 4 locations, Provo Temple, 2 houses on Foothill drive (near Rock Canyon Park) and oooof course, the Provo Library.

At the library they were having a “father & son” event and some how we ended up with Jugglers in the pictures. Okay, it wasn’t a “some how” situation… I know exactly how they got there. Sabrina had spectators for a good portion of her shoot there, and in the crowd were some jugglers, so how could we NOT included them?!

Here are a few of the pictures… enjoy :)









This is it! The place where I am starting, although temporary as it may be, I am still VERY excited.

Over the past few weeks I have been building my portfolio to go full time and make photography my career. All other portraits I have done before were for friends or family and church members. Now, I am branching out into the big bad world, or at least as big and bad as Utah gets. Haha.

The next few posts are of a few Engagement Sessions that I have done. I will still post to The Hauth Family Blog so keep that one on your reader!